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  • From local produces to beautiful dishes: a lazy fundraising afternoon at Tartuca to help our farmers
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  • Kindy Fresh Farm to Fork Feast

[b]Our Role & Purpose:[/b] Landcare Australia is the leading not-for-profit organisation responsible for growing and supporting the Landcare movement to protect, restore and sustainably manage our natural environment and its productivity. We do this by raising awareness, brokering partnerships and raising funds from individuals, corporate and philanthropic sources. We also support Landcare projects by distributing funds and overseeing major projects, act as a resource and knowledge sharing hub and work to educate the community, schools and students about Landcare. [b]Landcare Australia supporting the Landcare Movement:[/b] * Raised over $1.9m in funding from companies, philanthropists and individuals to support the Landcare movement in FY2014 * 516 Landcare on-ground projects supported and funded, including 251 Junior Landcare projects in FY2014 * Over 5,000 Landcare & Coastcare groups and 11,000 education providers and schools are registered on the National Landcare Directory Landcare is a grassroots movement that harnesses individuals and groups to protect, restore and sustainable manage Australia’s natural environment and its productivity. It had its genesis in initiatives to improve agricultural productivity through sustainable land management. The movement has grown from this to a broader focus on sustainable management of all of Australia’s natural resource assets and now encompasses individuals and groups across the whole landscape from coastal to urban and remote areas of Australia. With over 6000 Landcare and Coastcare groups nationwide there is likely to be a group near you, possibly working on a project right under your nose. Volunteers range from kids to retirees, surfers to farmers and CEO’s to students. United by a shared desire to create positive change in their communities, these individuals recognise that as a group their efforts have greater impact. The success of the Landcare "bottom up model" can be attributed to the inspiring contributions made by the passionate individuals who make up Australia’s Landcare movement. Their sense of stewardship, enduring commitment and deep appreciation for our natural environment is why Landcare exists today. Its people are its greatest asset. Thank you to all Landcare volunteers, fundraisers and donors -  including the many employees supporting and donating via our workplace giving program. For more information on Landcare and Landcare Australia visit [url=][/url]

Fundraising Opportunities

Nepal Trek Annapurna Open Charity Challenge

Melbourne Marathon Festival 2017

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017

The Color Run 2017 | Adelaide

Stadium Stomp Gabba 2017

Stadium Stomp SCG 2017

Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval 2017

Stadium Stomp MCG 2017

Great Ocean Road Running Festival

The Color Run Night | Melbourne 2017

Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10k & 5k 2017

Bowral Classic 2017

The Color Run 2017 | Sydney (August)

Brisbane Marathon Festival 2017

Huma Charity Challenge - Vietnam & Cambodia Cycle Challenge

Huma Trek Great Wall Open Challenge

Huma Trek Everest Base Camp Open Challenge

Huma Trek Inca Trail Open Challenge

The Color Run Night | Sydney 2017

The Color Run 2017 | Gold Coast

Friendlies | Cane2Coral 2017

Miss Muddy

Twilight Running Festival 2017

Walk Larapinta Charity Open Challenge

The Color Run Melbourne Day

The Color Run Perth

Landcare Australia - Copy(1)

The Color Run 2017 | Townsville

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  • Brett Wilson
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  • TseWei Chang
  • $30.00
  • Brett Wilson
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  • TseWei Chang