Welcome Priscilla Leong to the GoFundraise Team

Welcome Priscilla Leong to the GoFundraise Team

We are very excited to introduce you to our new Account Manager, Priscilla Leong. Priscilla joins us with over 10 years fundraising experience, most recently from Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). 

We are thrilled to welcome Priscilla to the team. You may have already met, but if not – please reach out to say “hi” and to book in a health check for your organisation. You can contact her here.

“Hi, I’m Priscilla.

I’ve been working in the NFP industry for over 10 years with experience ranging from Fundraising and Events, Community Fundraising and most recently at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) in Corporate Partnerships.

I have a passion for fundraising and have a special interest in Health, Wellbeing and Medical Research, Disability, and Mental Health cause areas.

I’m really excited to join GoFundraise and work with so many charities on their digital campaigns. I’m excited to help you achieve your goals and raise more through digital technology.”

To introduce Priscilla to everyone, we’ve asked her a few questions:

What are you excited to do in your new role at GoFundraise?

I am excited about being able to combine my love of fundraising and building relationships to help so many inspiring charities reach their fundraising goals through the power of digital technology- funds that are vital to helping them grow and continue the work they do.  

Why did you get into fundraising initially?

It has always been important to me to work in a space where I felt I was making a difference and helping others in need.

I feel it stems from growing up as a first generation Australian, seeing my parents work hard to build a new life in Australia having fled a war-torn country. I grew up protesting and marching down the streets of Sydney and Canberra alongside my parents and a community that were fighting for the right for East Timor to be independent.

I also got myself involved in volunteering at events for different charities. I then begun working as a Telemarketer many moons ago whilst studying. I was then given an incredible opportunity to move into Events and Fundraising and the rest is history.

The one thing that has not changed is the rewarding feeling I get knowing that I am helping to create positive change in my own little way.

What was your first experience with GoFundraise?

My first experience with GoFundraise was during my time as Fundraising and Events Coordinator where I was responsible for organising a flagship Walk event.

I must say, I worked on a few Walking events in career, each of which meant lots of calls and emails to the amazing team at GoFundraise who were always there when I needed help in building campaign microsites for the events, and to share best practice knowledge on peer-to-peer fundraising that would assist in making the events a fundraising success.     

What is your advice to Community Fundraisers?

My advice is one I feel most fundraisers know, but I think it’s worth a reminder. That is, the importance of thanking your fundraisers, taking the time to talk to them, find out what inspires them, allow them to share their story, make them feel like a part of the team and that they are a part of a community of people making a positive difference. That extends to their supporters and donors also.

Having a personal touch is so powerful. It makes for better fundraisers and inspires you too. I would also say that if you can get the rest of your organisation involved in making the calls, it just creates an even greater sense of team.

How do you think fundraising will evolve over the next 12 months?

Since the launch of Fundraising at Work and the power of partnership and technology we are seeing more companies getting involved in workplace fundraising, which has unlocked new workplace giving donors and company matching for charities. Triple the impact! The first year’s results have been impressive, and I think over the next 12months we’ll see even more growth in this area- which is great news for charities and company CSR teams alike.

Event Spotlight: Melanoma March 2019

We are excited to share our event spotlight for Melanoma March 2019. 

Visit: http://melanomamarch.org.au/

Last month we announced the release of our new White Label Functionality. These white label improvements were our most requested features so we’re thrilled to show you how they’re being used on the new Melanoma March website.

Melanoma March is in its eighth year and is Melanoma Institute Australia’s major annual fundraising campaign to support melanoma research. The 20+ Marches held across Australia bring together the whole melanoma community to raise awareness and funds for melanoma research.

When you visit Melanoma March, you’ll notice the campaign is completely white labelled including:

  • Branded domains
  • Branded page titles and favicons
  • Email notifications sent from their branded email address
  • Customisable user journey with an optimised process for joining or creating a team.

The Melanoma March website also uses our WordPress plugin enabling the power of WordPress combined with the proven capabilities of the GoFundraise platform. The microsite includes custom features such as the postcode search (to find the March closest to you). The user experiences a seamless journey as they browse from the homepage to any of the location pages. 

Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians (15–39 year olds) and kills more young Australians (20-39 year olds) than any other single cancer. MIA has extremely passionate and loyal supporters and it is important that they have a seamless and branded registration, fundraising and donation experience as they march to find a cure.

To help optimise fundraising, this campaign also has access to our regular features such as:

  • Mobile first experience
  • Auto-activate: guiding fundraisers through best practice steps to getting started and becoming an effective fundraiser
  • Allow donors to donate in under 30 seconds
  • Fundraising at Work: allowing donors to give via their pay

If you would like to know more, or if you’d like to discuss your next event with one of our consultants, please contact Amy at amy@gofundraise.com

Custom Domains are now available!

GoFundraise Feature Release:
Custom Domains are now available!

Customise your campaigns even more by using your own URL

We are really excited to advise that the much-anticipated custom domains are here! This means you are now able to have your own domain for event microsites, registration forms, donation and fundraising pages enhancing your branding and user experience.  

When your supporters visit your white label campaign, instead of seeing a URL with “.gofundraise.com.au”, they will now see the URL that you choose (eg: “www.eventname.org“). If you’d like for your campaign to use a domain of your choosing, please fill in this form.

This tops off several weeks of enhancements as part of our White Label offering including:

  • SEO & Page Titles of fundraising pages and events sites now use the Event Name and page title, without GoFundraise being mentioned.
  • Favicons can be customised to your brand
  • System generated emails can now be sent from custom email addresses
  • System emails also can have the “from name” as your event or organisation instead of GoFundraise.

This is in addition to our market leading WordPress Plugin which allows you to pull through information from GoFundraise onto your WordPress site and more.

It’s important to note that custom domains are best to be set up before you launch your campaign, and it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 48 hours to take effect in addition to the set-up configuration, so please allow adequate time for these to occur.

If you would like to learn more about any of these updates, please email Amy to book in a time for a fundraising consultation.  

How a small charity grew from $2,000 a year to $400,000 pa through online fundraising.

Learn how Bears of Hope experienced 10 years of continuous growth with GoFundraise.

Bears of Hope’s annual Beards of Hope campaign is wrapping up now and we’re delighted to announce that it’s raised over 58% more than it did last year! Read the details and watch our video interview with Co-Founder and Vice-President of Bears of Hope, Toni Watson.

Beards Of Hope calls on bereaved dads and their mates, sporting clubs, corporate businesses and the wider community to grow a beard during Winter and brave the shave in September, raising funds for and awareness of Bears Of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support.

One in four pregnancies end in loss in Australia. Tens of thousands of parents will need support every year during the most devastating time of their lives. Bears Of Hope provides support to families who experience this loss.  

The growth from this year’s Beards of Hope campaign was seen across both the number of people registered for the event and the amount raised.

Some of the key reasons for growth in the campaign were:

  • Fundraiser Engagement – Integration with campaign monitor
  • Triggered emails sent on reaching milestones
  • Continual development on the GoFundraise platform has meant our digital capabilities are constantly increasing

The Bears of Hope campaign was built by Toni Watson (Co-Founder and Vice-President) of Bears of Hope herself, using GoFundraise’s Event Creator Vision (an easy to use, mobile optimised, fundraising event builder and registration form creator with drag and drop tools).

2018 was the first year that the Beards of Hope also used email engagement (integration with Campaign Monitor) through GoFundraise.

Email engagement includes:

  • Welcome Series
  • Triggered Emails sent when fundraisers reached certain milestones
  • Email journey based on time remaining before the head shave

When asked about it, Toni Watson (Co-Founder and Vice-President of Bears of Hope) said,

“We have recently invested in automated emails through GoFundraise for our Beards of Hope campaign. That has taken off a lot of pressure on myself to send out hundreds and hundreds of emails, like when they’ve reached their incentives or when I need them to complete a form. It’s all there in the automated emails so that has really reduced the amount of time I was spending on emailing everyone.“

GoFundraise has been working with Bears of Hope since 2009 and are very proud to have contributed to their success and to have helped raise more for such an incredible cause. In the time that we’ve been working together, Bears of Hope have dramatically grown their fundraising by leveraging digital. Toni explains,

“In 2006, we raised $2,000, the two years after that, we had raised about $20,000. In 2009, we were introduced to GoFundraise and online fundraising by a bereaved Dad whose little girl, Sophie, had recently been born without breath. He wanted to run a marathon in a leprechaun suit to honour her life but also to help us with our goal of developing our own bear of hope to donate to parents. Adrian raised almost $30,000 –all up in online fundraising, we raised about $45,000 that year. That was in 2009 and in this year, the last financial year, we have hit just under $400,000!”

“We had never heard of online fundraising [before Adrian participated in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival in 2009], we’d never used it. We had been selling raffle tickets, selling chocolates and entertainment books– this opened up our whole fundraising world to raise more funds. It was so easy! That was the remarkable thing about it, it was easy for the donor to make a donation and receive a tax receipt and we could manage it from our office.”

When asked about how Bears of Hope have grown so significantly, Toni said:

“There’s many different factors that come into play for the growth of the organisation. I think having a simple online platform helps – in this day and age everyone wants convenience, they don’t want to be clicking through too many buttons as a donor. Having that streamlined and made really easy for the donor has really helped. It’s also helped me with managing, developing and building the campaigns – I’m self-taught. I’m not overly tech savvy but I‘ve been able to develop really fancy campaigns.”


Signature Fundraising Whitepaper

DIY White Paper – 2016

Third Party Events Whitepaper

GoFundraise has created three whitepapers, one on each pillar of digital fundraising. Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of our whitepapers.

Team Catwalk raise 150% more in 2017 with GoFundraise!

Chris Lovelady, Relationship Manager
at The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research Trust said

GoFundraise is proud to have helped the Team CatWalk NYC Marathon to grow in 2017 by 150%. GoFundraise made many improvements to our mobile experience and now offer the world’s best mobile fundraising and donation experience.

Our new mobile-first platform helped to achieve the following:

  • Over $170,000 raised online
  • Increased amount raised online by over 150%
  • Average donation is by almost 60% higher
  • Fundraisers raised in average 55% more

 “As a charity it is important for us to be able to get our message and events across to our supporters in a way that matches our high standards of presentation. GoFundraise helps to do this through the tools that are available when using the system.” Lovelady also said

This year 28 athletes and 8 supporters travelled to New York and joined the team running to raise funds for the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust. It’s been a huge commitment by all participants, who were making a change by running so others can walk. In 2017 Team CatWalk raised over $170,000 online.

The CatWalk Trust is committed to a world where spinal cord injury will not mean paralysis for life.

GoFundraise’s  Event Creator Vision has also contributed to this success. It’s an easy to use website builder, fundraising and registration platform all in one! It allowed the Team Catwalk to create a beautiful event in minutes without using any technical or design resources.

Why Catwalk use GoFundraise’s Event Creator Vision

“The Event Creator Vision is an excellent tool with the very good tool of colour identifier helping to create a page that fits with our branding colours.” Chris Lovelady said

“Especially helpful to create a personal feel to the page is the tool that can recognise the colours used in our logo and transfer them into the event page giving a seamless interaction between our branding and profile.  The dashboard and ease of navigation makes the programme easy to use.  There are ample help and video tutorials to help you create the event.” Lovelady also said.

“Event Creator Vision has many useful features to help create a personalised page that gives it the true CatWalk feel. She also said.

Attend a GoFundraise Meet-Up in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

GoFundraise is holding a series of Meet-Up events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and you’re invited! Come along and learn more about Australia’s most innovative fundraising platform and how you can leverage some of our partnerships to raise more. We’re holding two events in each city, we would love to see you at one or both of them:

GoFundraise Salesforce Connector:



The first event is a demo of the new GoFundraise Salesforce connector (which transfers your GoFundraise fundraising data directly into Salesforce) with a Q&A session on how it will work. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how other organisations are using Salesforce. 


Salesforce Connector:

Brisbane: Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

Melbourne: 1pm, Tuesday the 27th Feb

Sydney: 4pm, Thursday the 15th March


We’re holding two events in each city, we would love to see you at one or both of them, so register your interest below

    each meet-up will take place within or near the CBD

Introducing: The Revolutionary GoFundraise Salesforce Connector

  • Transfers donor, fundraiser and financial data
  • Fast, real-time integration
  • Ensure data integrity

At last, data integration is simple!

Attend a Demo

We’ll be holding in-person meet-ups and online webinars where we demo our new connector. Sign up here to register your interest.

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How mobile-first innovation increases fundraising by over 30% for Melbourne Marathon!

GoFundraise is proud to have helped the Medibank Melbourne Marathon grow in 2017. Our new mobile-first platform helped to achieve the following:

  • Over $1,000,000 raised online

  • Increased amount raised online by over 30%

  • Over 6,000 fundraisers

Continue reading “How mobile-first innovation increases fundraising by over 30% for Melbourne Marathon!”