Attend a GoFundraise Meet-Up in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

GoFundraise is holding a series of Meet-Up events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and you’re invited! Come along and learn more about Australia’s most innovative fundraising platform and how you can leverage some of our partnerships to raise more. We’re holding two events in each city, we would love to see you at one or both of them:

GoFundraise Salesforce Connector:


The first event is a demo of the new GoFundraise Salesforce connector (which transfers your GoFundraise fundraising data directly into Salesforce) with a Q&A session on how it will work. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how other organisations are using Salesforce.  

The Power of Video (with Big Cares): 4pm – 6pm

The second event is about The Power of Video. GoFundraise CEO and Co-Founder, Stuart Finlayson will be presenting with Brandon Evertz (founder of Big Cares) who will show examples of how charities are using video to tell their story and raise more.


Salesforce Connector:

Brisbane: Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

Melbourne: 1pm, Tuesday the 27th Feb

Sydney: 4pm, Thursday the 15th March

The Power of Video (with Big Cares)

Melbourne: 4pm, Tuesday the 27th Feb

Brisbane: Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

Sydney: TBC


We’re holding two events in each city, we would love to see you at one or both of them, so register your interest below

    each meet-up will take place within or near the CBD

GoFundraise announces partnership with Big Cares

BIG news! We are really excited to help charities and not-for-profits raise even more this year through our new partnership with Big Cares. Together with Big, we’re making video more accessible than ever before.
Learn more about how to raise more using video by attending one of our upcoming meet-ups. We’ll be holding events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this February in partnership with Big Cares. Register your interest in attending here (even if you aren’t based in Syd, Melb or Bris, sign-up below and we’ll get you some more information):

Auto Activate

Auto Activate – The Guided Fundraiser Journey

As part of our commitment to offer the world’s best mobile fundraising experience, we are delighted to announce the release today of a pioneering new feature: ‘Auto Activate – The Guided Fundraiser Journey’. This feature guides supporters through personalising and sharing their new fundraising page and raising more for your cause.

When a fundraiser has just created their page (or if they’ve raised zero dollars), they will be automatically guided through the auto-activation process on their fundraising page.

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World best mobile fundraising experience

Feature Release: World’s Best Mobile Fundraising Experience Create a Fundraising Page in 2 Clicks!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just released our completely new, frictionless, fundraising page creation user journey. This is one of a series of new enhancements to offer the world’s best mobile fundraising experience.

Supporters can now create a new fundraising page in just 2 clicks or a few seconds. What’s more there is no need to login first before beginning the fundraising page creation process.

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